Publishing a Better Future

Since its founding in 2015, we have been working on creating positive impacts for the future of our customers and society through our content and media.

Our mission, “Publishing a better future” means making a better future “public.” Harch publishes hundreds of articles every month and it means we have the same number of opportunities to make the future of our customers and society better.

When we click the “publish the article” button on our media, we always ask ourselves if this article can change the future of all the stakeholders who support us towards a better direction.

Facing various environmental and social challenges, the role and the responsibility of media companies are getting bigger than ever. We embrace the concept of “constructive journalism” and put our editorial focus on not only issues but also solutions so that we can play a role in making the world a better place as both an information provider and a practitioner.

Yu Kato. Founder and CEO, Harch Inc.

Media for good

Towards a regenerative media company for well-being

Harch aims to create a regenerative business model that recovers the natural environment, enhances social cohesion, and achieves the well-being of all the stakeholders who are related to our business. In order to make it happen, we set six material issues based on people, planet, and prosperity.


Create a society where everyone can be themselves.



Regenerate nature through our business.

Zero carbon
Zero waste


Prosper with all the stakeholders.

Community giving “UU Fund”
Responsible publishing “ESG editorial guidelines”

Media lineup

Publishing a better future

We have been running several online magazines with a mission of “Publishing a better future.”
All the magazines have already achieved carbon-neutrality, and we also created a model that our readers can automatically make positive impacts just by reading our articles through our charity program “UU fund” that donates 0.1 yen to local non-profits every time they visit our websites.

An online magazine for global audiences interested in sustainable lifestyles, businesses, and cultures in Japan. It delivers the latest sustainability news, reports, and interviews.

A source of inspiration for social innovators in Japan. It showcases a wide range of creative ideas and solutions worldwide for enabling sustainable innovation and social change.

An online platform to accelerate the circular economy in Japan. It delivers deep knowledge and insights for businesses and cities while connecting them for circular innovation.


What’s new

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Harch held “Stakeholder Meeting for Good 2022”

  • On 2022年11月11日
Harch held its stakeholder dialogue event “Stakeholder Meeting for Good” on September 30th. We invite all important partners and relevant persons who are indispensable for our business operations to this event. Harch has held these events since last fiscal year in order to both show our appreciation for their consistent support as well as to […]
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IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab and alphabox launched CASES, designing Sustainable Customer Experience

  • On 2022年9月15日
Harch and alphabox have begun providing a new method called CASES for supporting the promotion and permeation of sustainability activities for corporations. Background Sustainability efforts are widely permeating throughout society and are now becoming indispensable for corporations. However, for many Japanese corporations, one of the obstacles when carrying out sustainability activities is the c onflict […]
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Harch holds annual partner gathering

  • On 2022年6月13日
Hello, this is Sugiyama from Harch. Inc. Our primary business is publishing valuable information via the internet. Our outsourcing staff play an indispensable role in consistently distributing more than 500 articles per month on each web media we own. We have more than 150 outsourcing staff and call them “partners.” Their work varies from writing, […]
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Harch launches Life Hugger web magazine that supports sustainable lifestyles

  • On 2021年12月22日
On December 1st 2021, Harch started a new web magazine for supporting sustainable lifestyles called “Life Hugger.” Harch manages digital media operations and sustainability support business with the concept of “Publishing a Better Future.” Magazine Development Background Life Hugger’s predecessor, web media “Kajifull,” introduced housework ideas that are useful for our daily lives, as media […]
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Harch holds “Stakeholder Meeting for Good 2021”

  • On 2021年11月16日
On October 21st, Harch held its first stakeholder meeting, titled “Stakeholder Meeting for Good 2021.” Harch’s mission is “Publishing a better future.” Every day we manage web media and work on sustainability support projects for corporations and local governments. When aiming to realize our mission, we thought it would be beneficial if we could introduce […]
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Harch joins SBTi (Science Base Targets initiative)

  • On 2021年9月8日
Harch has joined the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative). The SBT is an objective for reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases from companies, according to the standards of the Paris Agreement. In 2015 the Paris Agreement set the goal of preventing keeping the average temperature of the post-industrial revolution world within 1.5 to 2 degrees. […]
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