Discovering a Sustainable Future from Japan

WHY:A treasure trove of Japanese sustainable culture and innovations awaits the world

While Japan is facing many social challenges such as decreasing birthrate, aging population and child poverty, there are many companies and individuals addressing these issues with very creative solutions.

Indeed, we have covered many social good stories and practices around the world on our online magazine “IDEAS FOR GOOD”. Thereafter we found that there are also many good innovations tackling social issues in Japan as well as overseas.

HOW:Spreading social good ideas from Japan

Unfortunately, however, most of those good practices are not known outside Japan because of the language barrier. Therefore we decided to create an online media called “Zenbird” to cover those stories and spread them around the world.

We hope that anyone living outside Japan will become interested in our country and want to visit the locals, which in turn boosts their efforts in their projects.

WHAT:What is Zenbird?

Zenbird is an online magazine with a unique editorial focus on social good ideas and practices in Japan. It covers social startups, non-profits and local policies solving social issues with unique, innovative ideas and solutions. It also introduces sustainable lifestyle tips which are deeply rooted in Japanese traditional culture.

“Zen” means “Goodness” in Japan. We named our website with a hope that socially good ideas throughout Japan will fly to the world like a “Bird”, and bring attention to attractive features of our country.

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Zenbird to host online event “Kyoto Gion Festival: How-To! 1,000-year community, Resilience & COVID”

  • On 2022年7月5日
Zenbird, one of Harch’s platforms offers opportunities to deepen understanding and experience sustainable ideas that are unique to Japan, is holding a media event, coming up on July 14. This online event explores the Gion Festival and how it is linked to sustainability and community building. Discover Japan’s biggest, world-famous festival, the Gion Festival, held […]
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Zenbird to host online event “Japanese Tea Ceremony and Sustainability”

  • On 2022年4月5日
Zenbird aims to connect with readers and be a helpful platform for them to live better, more enriched lives through the community. We plan to offer opportunities to deepen understanding and experience sustainable ideas that are unique to Japan. In that regard, our second media event is coming up on April 21, live from Nara, […]
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