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Circular Yokohama Representative Yu Kato appeared at “Y-SHIP 2023”

  • On 2023年11月29日
On November 14, Representative Yu Kato appeared at “Y-SHIP 2023,” an event organized by the City of Yokohama to promote Yokohama, a port city of innovation, to the world. “Y-SHIP 2023” is an international convention that aims to promote open innovation by attracting the vitality of human resources and companies from Japan and abroad, especially […]
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IDEAS FOR GOOD held event “Travel and Marine Waste Talk Vol.1: Amsterdam and Fukuyama’s circular denim and tourism”

  • On 2023年11月25日
On November 18, 2023, IDEAS FOR GOOD hosted an online event, “Travel and Marine Waste Talk Vol.1: Amsterdam and Fukuyama’s circular denim and tourism,” to explore the possibilities of the circular economy. Fukuyama City, with a population of 460,000, is located in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, roughly in the center of the Seto […]
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Circular Economy Hub to hold learning program Circular X on “ELV Regulation and EU’s vision for automotive industry circularity”

  • On 2023年11月22日
Since April 2021, Circular Economy Hub has been holding its monthly Circular X Series, a study program in which participants can learn about the future image of the circular economy spreading in various industries and fields. In July of this year, the European Commission published a proposal (bill) for an End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Regulation that […]
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IDEAS FOR GOOD presents “Exploring alternatives to ‘plastic-free’ for a carbon-neutral society with European case studies”

  • On 2023年11月15日
IDEAS FOR GOOD, a web media that collects ideas for making society better, will hold an online event “Exploring alternatives to ‘plastic-free’ for a carbon-neutral society with European case studies” with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and Members Co., Ltd. on November 16. Amidst calls for global warming and plastic waste issues, “plastic-free” is gaining momentum around […]
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Completion announced: “One Book Present” audiobook for Japan Braille Library

  • On 2023年11月11日
As part of our donation project UU Fund, we proudly supported the “One Book Present Campaign” of the Japan Braille Library, a social welfare corporation. We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the audiobook production we sponsored, with the library now actively lending them out to users. About Japan Braille Library The Japan […]
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An online magazine for global audiences interested in sustainable lifestyles, businesses, and cultures in Japan. It delivers the latest sustainability news, reports, and interviews.

A source of inspiration for social innovators in Japan. It showcases a wide range of creative ideas and solutions worldwide for enabling sustainable innovation and social change.

Circular Economy Hub
An online platform to accelerate the circular economy in Japan. It delivers deep knowledge and insights for businesses and cities while connecting them for circular innovation.

Circular Yokohama
A local online platform to accelerate the circular economy in Yokohama. Closely working with the city, businesses, and local NPOs, it leads the city’s circular transition.

A web portal to help all English learners in Japan find the best way to enjoy and master a new language. It provides selected listings of language schools, books, and apps.

A beginner’s guide for investors who want to invest in a sustainable future. It covers the latest trends in the financial industry such as ESG investing, blockchain, and fin-tech innovations.

Life Hugger
An online sustainable lifestyle magazine for conscious consumers. It delivers many tips and ideas on how to make our lives more sustainable and enjoyable by changing our everyday choices.

An online hub introducing the new way of traveling, working, and living. It spotlights emerging trends such as sustainable tourism, digital nomadism, and multi-habitation.

An online magazine dedicated to craft beer, with all the latest info on new beers on the market, breweries from around the country, and restaurants and bars serving microbrews.