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Circular Yokohama – Representative Kato participates in online event “#Otagai Hama Discussion: Yokohama’s circular future born from evolution thinking”

  • On 2021年6月18日
Evolution thinking is a way of thought for demonstrating the creativity within all of us, which hints at the evolution of living things. This thinking gives birth to creative ideas through the two processes of mutation and adaptation going back and forth several times. These processes are common in the evolution of all living things. […]
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Circular Economy Hub starts posting articles on Forbes JAPAN

  • On 2021年6月8日
Circular Economy Hub, a circular economy focused media site run by Harch, has started posting articles on Forbes JAPAN as a content partner from June of this year. Forbes JAPAN is the Japanese edition of the global economic magazine. It posts worldwide news regarding business, rankings, technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, investing and finance. Circular Economy […]
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Harch announces participation in Renewable Energy 100 Declaration RE Action

  • On 2021年5月27日
Harch is aiming to become a sustainable company for people, society and the environment. In terms of the environment, we are aiming to realize, and continue being, carbon neutral. As one part of these efforts, we have announced our participation in Renewable Energy 100 Declaration RE Action. ※Carbon neutral refers to the state of the […]
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IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab starts offering “Circular Design Sprint”intensive workshop aimed at businesses for learning Circular Design thought

  • On 2021年5月10日
Harch has begun offering an intensive workshop called Circular Design Sprint, which is aimed at businesses in order for them to learn circular economy thought, which is essential for the shift to a circular economy. The workshops have begun from April 2021. Harch (based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Yu Kato) runs IDEAS FOR GOOD […]
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Zenbird is an online magazine with a unique editorial focus on social good ideas and practices in Japan.

A web magazine compiling innovative Social Good ideas from around the world; technology, design and more, an extensive collection of inspiring creativity.

Circular Economy Hub
An online platform to accelerate the circular economy in Japan. It covers the latest topics, insights and cases around the world, while also providing educational content for all.

Circular Yokohama
An online platform to accelerate the circular economy in the city of Yokohama. We post the latest news regarding Yokohama’s circular economy, a “circular map,” and a database for each project.

A web portal to help all English learners, with features on everything from listings of English conversation schools, to introducing good sites and apps that you can use to help you study.

Life Hugger
A beginner’s guide to finance. Including information on up-to-date finance and investment trends like blockchain and fintech, Hedge Guide is an all-encompassing compendium.

An online magazine that offers keys for those who want to redirect their lives towards more sustainable choices. The site covers sustainable lifestyles, mindful living, parenting, farming, health, housework, leisure, and more.

An information site specializing in sustainable travel, tourism, and immersive experiences. Livhub features ideas that enrich both our lives and the natural environment, such as digital nomadism, remote working styles, multi-address living, and dispersed and off-peak travel.

A site dedicated to craft beer, with all the latest info on new beers on the market, breweries from around the country, and restaurants and bars serving microbrews.