With the concept of “making media for a more enjoyable future”, Harch operates a range of media covering various different fields, from new and innovative Social Good ideas having a positive impact, to sharing economies, modern education and more. Our aim is to create and provide forward-facing content, up-to-date information and fresh ways of thinking, helping you take that brave first step into a bright future.


Discovering a Sustainable Future from Japan

Zenbird is an online magazine with a unique editorial focus on social good ideas and practices in Japan. It covers social startups, non-profits and local policies solving social issues with unique, innovative ideas and solutions.


A magazine presenting Social Good ideas from around the world that are improving our lives

IDEAS FOR GOOD is an online magazine showcasing new Social Good ideas that are improving our lives. We feature the most impressive creativity from all over the globe; from as-yet-unknown cutting-edge technology that has the potential to make huge changes around the world to remarkable and moving enterprises in advertisement and design.

Circular Economy Hub

Accelerate the circular economy in Japan

Circular Economy Hub is an online platform focusing on the circular economy. It covers the latest news, insights and cases around the world. Circular Economy Hub provides businesses and municipalities with unique opportunities by organizing events, seminars and workshops for learning and networking to support the shift towards a circular economy.

Circular Yokohama

Accelerating the circular economy in Yokohama

Circular Yokohama is an online platform to accelerate the circular economy in the city of Yokohama. We post the latest news regarding Yokohama’s circular economy, a “circular map” that lists projects around the city, and a database for each project. On this platform, you can also read about our tours you can join that take place in the city.


Carefully selecting the most useful ways to study English you would want to share with someone

Only selecting the very best methods and materials, English Hub is a great resource of hand-picked information for working adults striving to learn English. With online English conversation classes taken straight from the classroom, how-to tutorials on getting language qualifications and studying abroad, in addition to features on recommended apps, videos and podcasts, we provide extensive info on the most productive ways to study English.


Finance and investment based media, helping you towards a more enjoyable future

With the concept of “a more enjoyable future”, Hedge Guide is a finance and investment based media giving the latest information and know-how in the fields of virtual currency, AI assets, and other latest fintech trends. In addition, we offer advice about social lending, real estate, equity and foreign currency investment, in a bite-sized and easy-to-understand way that even beginners will understand.


A web magazine for embracing sustainable living

Life Hugger shares ideas for people passionate about sustainable living. It is a rebranded web magazine of Kajifull, an information portal site that specialized in comparing different housework service agencies. Life Hugger offers keys for those who want to redirect their lives towards more sustainable choices. The site covers sustainable lifestyles, mindful living, parenting, farming, health, housework, leisure, and more.


To enrich lives through sustainable travel, tourism, and immersive experiences

Livhub specializes in sustainable travel, tourism, and immersive experiences. It is a rebranded site of MINPAKU.Biz, which primarily featured private lodging information. New travel styles such as digital nomadism, remote working styles, multi-address living, and dispersed and off-peak travel have been growing in popularity. As a site to inspire those fully embracing sustainable living, Livehub explores ideas that enrich both our lives and the natural environment.


A site dedicated to the unanimously-loved produce — that is craft beer

Japan’s top private lodging information site is run collaboratively with Ox Consulting KK. Paired with the expansion of the global sharing economy trend, accommodation-sharing continues to grow in popularity worldwide, and this site offers the latest news and information about private accommodation renting and lodging.

Media Sapuri

Media literacy explained by manga

Media Sapuri explains controversial political topics through conversations between friendly characters for our readers to understand the topics with ease. It supports the readers’ media literacy learning.