Accelerate the circular economy in Japan

WHY: The world is shifting towards a circular economy

The shift towards a circular economy is needed in today’s world facing diverse global challenges such as climate change, plastic pollution, gender gap, and inequality. In contrast to the conventional linear economy, which results in mass production, consumption, and waste, a circular economy aims to create a more sustainable, resilient system that decouples environmental impact with economic growth while achieving social equality. In Japan, however, there is a lack of information on the latest trends regarding a global circular economy.

HOW: Creating a platform for professionals

We decided to launch a platform where users can access all the information from basic knowledge to deep insights about the circular economy. This platform also aims to facilitate collaborations among users who want to lead a circular transition in Japan. By delivering a space for innovation and partnership, we want to accelerate Japan’s shift towards a circular economy.

WHAT: What is Circular Economy Hub?

Circular Economy Hub is an online platform that covers the latest circular economy trends worldwide. The content includes case studies, insights, events, networking, and business matching services. We also help businesses and cities develop and implement a circular economy strategy.

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Circular Economy Hub to hold event “Circular economy updates on children’s product market in apparel industry”

  • On 2024年3月23日
Since 2021, Circular Economy Hub has been holding its monthly Circular X Series, a study program in which participants can learn about the future image of the circular economy spreading in various industries and fields. The theme for March 2024 is “Circular economy updates on children’s product market in apparel industry.” While efforts have been […]
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Event report: Briefing session for “CIRCULAR STARTUP TOKYO,” a circular economy startup incubation program

  • On 2024年3月19日
On March 7, Harch, the operator of the Circular Economy media platform Circular Economy Hub, held a briefing session for prospective participants of “CIRCULAR STARTUP TOKYO,” a circular economy startup incubation program. The program is implemented in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. About 100 participants, both on-site and online, gathered at the event. In […]
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