Accelerate the circular economy in Japan

WHY: The world is shifting to a circular economy

The shift to a circular economy is more apparent in the world today in the midst of diverse environmental and social issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, and poverty due to the disparity of wealth progress. In contrast to the conventional linear economy which requires mass-production and discarding, a circular economy aims towards a thriving system that differentiates the environmental burden and economic prosperity, while implementing social equality. However, in Japan, there is a lack of information on the latest case studies and political trends regarding a circular economy.

HOW: A resource with all the information regarding circular economics

Harch decided to launch a platform where users can acquire all the information from basic knowledge to the latest trends in circular economics. This platform also aims for its users to create projects towards the shift and to collaborate with other businesses in doing so. By operating such a platform, we want to accelerate Japan’s shift to a circular economy.

WHAT: What is Circular Economy Hub?

Circular Economy Hub is an online platform which provides the latest circular economy information in Japan and overseas, including case studies, insights, events such as workshops and programs, networking, and business matching services. We hope to support the users, including businesses, organizations, and local governments who promote a circular economy.

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