Why you work at Harch

Why we work at Harch

The ability to build relationships through meaningful work

At Harch, we operate media only in the fields that we believe are meaningful to pursue. The relationships we build with our customers, business partners, and readers through the operation become life-long assets. Because the employees very often contact and connect with external people who share a similar purpose or vision, relationships they build while working at Harch are not merely as stakeholders but as co-creators—and these connections only grow.

Learning opportunities for skill improvement

Harch fully understands and supports each employee’s career goals and desire for self-realization. The company introduced remote work in the first year it was established. All startup members stayed in the Philippines for two months to study English while they developed web media. Without hesitation, Harch invests in education for each employee to pursue their future career goals by offering financial support for foreign language and programming studies, among other options.

Access to advanced knowledge and skills in web media operation

Through one-on-one mentorships, highly experienced staff members share their expertise with web media and marketing to thoroughly train newcomers who may be inexperienced in the field. If this is your first time in web media operation, do not worry. We provide broad expertise and technical know-how in a variety of skills, from writing and editing to CMS site operation, advanced SEO, SEM, and LPO.

Inhouse Traning

Training for New Employees

To ensure a smooth onboarding after joining the company, we conduct lectures, training, on-the-job training (OJT), and feedback sessions for over one month after starting employment. By assigning a dedicated onboarding coordinator and providing thorough onboarding, newly joined staff can seamlessly integrate into our company’s operations, and we support them in utilizing their skills and experiences to the fullest extent.

Basic Training

The basic training is a program conducted for all new employees. In our main business of web media, we provide training on content marketing to understand how to create content and deliver it to users, web marketing to connect media operations with business, and access analysis to implement the PDCA cycle for websites and content. These training sessions are designed to impart web marketing skills from scratch, ensuring that even those without prior experience receive detailed instruction.

Expertise Training

The specialized skills training is customized for each staff member based on their acquired skills and desired career path. In the past, we have conducted training on various topics such as “English news translation article production,” “English learning coaching,” “editing speed improvement,” “HTML + CSS tag training,” “programming practical training,” ‘illustration drawing,” and “competitor analysis.” We aim to enhance job abilities and support the development of specialized skills for each staff member, expanding their potential.

On-the-job Training

On-the-job training (OJT) focuses on acquiring skills through practical work. It includes training sessions such as “domestic interview training,” “international interview tours,” “editing feedback training,” “article headline creation training,” “corporate database creation training,” “access analysis and strategy planning for assigned media,” and “meetup event planning and operation.”

“Harch University”: Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student

Following the theme of “Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student,” we host courses at Harch University, where staff members act as instructors to lecture on their respective expertise. All staff, including part-timers and interns, can participate and deepen their knowledge in areas of their interest. We have conducted courses on various topics such as photography, video creation, starting NISA (Individual Savings Account), beginning with cryptocurrency, and fundamental knowledge of social insurance.

Sustainability Training

To empower each staff member to contribute to a better future through our business, Harch conducts training sessions for employees on sustainability. We offer ongoing training on foundational knowledge and the latest trends in the sustainability industry, as well as specialized knowledge in areas like well-being. In 2021, we invited instructors from international organizations to conduct workshops on constructive journalism and digital sustainability.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

At Harch, we conduct training on diversity and inclusion to foster the active participation of diverse talents by respecting individual personalities and perspectives. By deepening understanding and advancing initiatives related to diversity and inclusion, we believe we can contribute to the improvement of business sustainability and the realization of innovation.

Subsidies for External Training and School Fees

As Harch primarily operates in media management and doesn’t involve significant investments in facilities or inventory, our greatest and only asset is our personnel. Therefore, we actively support the costs of external training and school fees for staff skill enhancement. In the past, we have provided full subsidies for online web engineering courses, half subsidies for web design school fees, and full subsidies for English blockchain school fees.