Sustainable Growth

Towards a regenerative media company

We aim to achieve sustainable growth by developing a regenerative business model that creates positive impact on people and the planet. Specifically, we are implementing the following actions.

UU Fund

You visit. We donate.

UU Fund is a charity program that we donate 0.1 yen per 1 UU (a unique user who visits our websites) to local NPOs. This program was launched with the hope that we want to create a mechanism of “the more we get readers, the better the future of people and the planet will be.” UU also means we want to connect You (readers) and You ( non-profits ). Through UU Fund, our readers can automatically contribute to local communities just by reading our articles. We carefully choose non-profit organizations to donate, based on discussions in editorial teams.

Donation record in the fiscal year 2020

The total number of organizations

The total amount of donation

Donated organizations in the fiscal year 2020

  • SIIF
  • Engao
  • Kukuru
  • Japan Succession Donation Association
  • Art de vivre
  • Kizuna Mail Project
  • SET
  • Tanada Network
  • Multicultural Center Tokyo
  • Chuo Ward Forest Supporters
  • Japan Fundraising Association
  • Forest kindergarten Japan Network Federation
  • Re Job Osaka
  • Kanagawa Midori Trust Foundation
  • WWF Japan
  • EducationA³
  • Kamakura Terakoya
  • Second Harvest Japan
  • Tokyo English suicide hotline
  • Homedoor
  • Rescued cat cafe Tamayura
  • Mikasa city, Hokkaido
  • Minna Sora no Shita
  • Segasaki elementary school


Terrace tables and chairs for local seniors purchased with our donation

Engao is a non-profit organization with a vision of “Creating a society where everyone can feel the connection with others” and working on preventing and addressing the isolation problem of elderly people in various areas. Their approach is to give elderly people roles to play in local communities and ask young students to support them. They purchased terrace tables and chairs to make a cozy place for local people to get together.

[Reference] Turning isolated elderly people into local players. Engao’s community building to make everyone thrive.

Minna Sora no Shita

Minna Sora no Shita is a non-profit organization located at Kyoto that provides safe spaces for mothers and children who experienced the Fukushima disaster. At one of their iconic activities called “Yochien Ryugaku,” they invite mothers and children from Fukushima to the kindergarten in Kyoto and give them an opportunity to stay three weeks there. In a safe environment, children can play to the full while mothers can be free from worries about the health effects of radiation and enjoy the time with children.

[Reference] “We got a mental charm” Yochien Ryugaku that supports mothers and children in Fukushima


Editorial Guideline based on ESG principles

We use ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) investing methodologies as editorial principles and make an editorial judgement based on the following guidelines. They help us determine if we could publish articles or not. By harnessing the power of media, we support businesses and individuals who try to make a positive impact on people and the planet.

  • Positive screening: Proactively publish information on ESG-advanced companies and organizations.
  • Negative screening: Do not publish articles about companies and organizations that are not ESG-friendly.
  • ESG integration: ESG factors will be taken into consideration when deciding whether to publish articles.
  • Theme investment: Proactively support companies and organizations involved in specific themes (circular economy).
  • Impact investment: Proactively support companies and organizations that aim to create social impact.
  • Engagement: Engage in dialogue with clients and advertisers to strengthen ESG.
  • Transition: To support the transition of clients and advertisers toward ESG enhancement.

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