Sustainable Experience Explorer

WHY:Exploring the better future

Traveling around unknown places with a little bit of courage, connecting with locals, and doing something together may sound appealing to many people. Those kinds of extraordinary experiences enrich our lives. The more we can connect with people around the world, the better we can think of the future of the world. Livhub was born with the hope that we want to create more opportunities to change the future of people and the planet for the better by delivering extraordinary sustainable experiences.

HOW:Hub for sustainable lifestyles and experiences

Thanks to the development of technologies and mobilities, the borders between traveling, living, working, playing, and learning are becoming ambiguous, and new living styles such as workcation, digital nomad, and multi habitation are emerging.

Livhub suggests new life-changing experiences as an information hub for those diverse emerging lifestyles.

WHAT:What is Livhub

Livhub is an online magazine that spotlights unique, sustainable, and extraordinary experiences, including sustainable, regenerative tourisms, vacation rentals, workcations, multi habitation and local activities.

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