A magazine presenting Social Good ideas from around the world that are improving our lives.

WHY: We want to create a structure that improves society more.

Because of capitalism, democracy, and technology, our lives have become richer and more convenient. In the world we live in now, we are surrounded by unprecedented possibilities.

On the other hand, we also face a great deal of destructive difficulties; environmental factors like climate change, air pollution, and deforestation on top of social problems like economic disparity, refugees, and racism. There are a huge number of issues that we must find a solution to.

By 2050, the world’s population will be 10 billion people, and it is believed that the global size of the economy will be two times that of 2016. However, there is only one biological parent of all the resources that every industry uses as a foundation – there is only one Earth. Now is the time to understand that infinite growth is not possible. Now is the time to change our actions and our way of thinking.

We should not strive day to day in this world, we should strive day to day for this world. Without leaving anyone behind, we should implement an inclusive method of sustainable economic growth. This is the common goal for those of us living in the 21st century.

HOW: Compiling global innovative Social Good ideas helping the world in one place.

What can Harch do for this huge topic? Whilst thinking about this question we hit upon an idea, we can collect different Social Good ideas from around the world, and then publish them in one place.

There are already countless media outlets that are reporting on the problems facing the world, but we wanted to put the spotlight on the people who are tackling to solve these problems. We wanted to create a media outlet that features ideas, flair and new ways of thinking that are helping our environment.

There are a lot of individuals and companies in the world that are striving to improve society through the use of cutting edge technology and the power of unique ideas. By publicizing these kinds of people’s amazing ideas, and giving inspiration to as many people as possible, we are seizing an opportunity to help. IDEAS FOR GOOD was born from our desire to create such a media channel.


IDEAS FOR GOOD is an online media site featuring ideas that are helping to improve society. We pick up amazing ideas from around the globe, from cutting edge blockchain and AI technology, to impressive first-rate design and advertising, and even examples of bold governmental initiatives.

We are showing the means to make a change through showcasing new knowledge and ideas, touching on fresh ways of thinking, and giving you clues how to solve the problems facing your companies and our society. Furthermore, we realize that, deep down, the world is really a very special place, despite that fact that we live in a society where we usually see nothing but problems. This is the goal for IDEAS FOR GOOD.

The IDEAS FOR GOOD logo represents the idea that if we add a “+” symbol for every good idea for our society, then the future will be a lot brighter.



IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab starts offering “Circular Design Sprint”intensive workshop aimed at businesses for learning Circular Design thought

  • On 2021年5月10日
Harch has begun offering an intensive workshop called Circular Design Sprint, which is aimed at businesses in order for them to learn circular economy thought, which is essential for the shift to a circular economy. The workshops have begun from April 2021. Harch (based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Yu Kato) runs IDEAS FOR GOOD […]
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