Showcasing creative ideas for good around the world.

WHY: We need a change.

Thanks to capitalism, democracy, and advanced technologies, we currently live in the most affluent and convenient times in human history. We are surrounded by full of unprecedented opportunities and possibilities to make our lives happier and more meaningful.

In exchange for those benefits, on the other hand, we are facing a wide variety of social and environmental issues such as climate crisis, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, economic disparity, and racism.

By 2050, the world’s population will be 10 billion people, and it is believed that the size of the global economy will be two times that of 2016. However, there is only one planet that gives us all the resources we need to thrive. Now is the time to understand that infinite growth is not possible. Now is the time to change our actions and our way of thinking.

We should not compete in the world anymore. We should compete for the world. Without leaving anyone behind, we should achieve an inclusive, sustainable economy. This is the common goal for everyone living in the 21st century.

HOW: Focus on solutions

What can Harch do for this huge topic?  While thinking about this question, we came up with the idea of developing a website showcasing creative solutions to address social issues in one place so that people can use it as a source of inspiration for social change.

As there are already countless media focused on the problems we are facing, we wanted to put our spotlight on solutions instead. By making creative ideas and solutions visible, we wanted to encourage people to be a part of solutions.

There are many individuals and companies in the world striving to make the world a better place by developing cutting-edge technologies, designing beautiful products and services, and facilitating collaborations. IDEAS FOR GOOD was born to help those efforts being spotlighted, facilitate constructive discussions, and take actions for our sustainable future.


IDEAS FOR GOOD is an online magazine focusing on creative ideas worldwide to address global challenges such as climate crisis, plastic pollution, and gender gap. Instead of telling people how serious those issues are, the magazine spotlights various solutions from cutting-edge technologies to fascinating arts and designs.

By showcasing innovative ideas in one place, we give people new perspectives and inspirations that encourage them to take action. The magazine won the Journalism X award in 2020 for its effort to explore the new way of constructive journalism.

The logo of IDEAS FOR GOOD represents the idea that if we add a “+” symbol, a good idea for our society, then the future will be a lot brighter.



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IDEAS FOR GOOD will hold Climate Creative Cafe vol.13 “Human resource development and career design in climate crisis era”

  • On 2024年5月11日
IDEAS FOR GOOD, Harch’s web media platform which gathers ideas for improving society, will hold an online event Climate Creative Cafe vol.13 “Human resource development and career design in climate crisis era” with Members Co. IDEAS FOR GOOD is implementing the “Climate Creative” project, which aims to tackle the climate crisis through creative ideas, communication, […]
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