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About Harch Europe

Harch Europe is a global research and business design unit founded by members living in several cities across Europe. Its main activities are based in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, and Vienna. Harch Europe’s mission is to bridge the information and implementation gap in the field of sustainability and a circular economy between Japan and European countries, by sharing knowledge, connecting people, and encouraging collaboration in both areas.

What We Do


We organize events related to European policies on a circular economy and sustainability, providing case studies of sustainable city development and communication between companies and consumers.

Private Tours

Harch Europe connects Japan with the latest development in EU sustainability. We customize tours/activities for Japanese companies, schools, or private organizations. We cooperate with local institutions and conduct online tours as well.

Research / Reporting

We provide various research reports on the latest trends and case studies regarding the circular economy and sustainability in Europe. The reports will be available and for sale on our website. (All reports will be written in Japanese.)

Partner Matching

We support you in identifying the best partnership depending on your specific needs, such as market development, local information, and other interests.

Internship Program

We would coordinate a customized tour and internship program at startups in Amsterdam, which has led the world in terms of a circular economy.

Sustainability Education

We work with various organizations to offer online classes and a learning course for students, including children interested in studying sustainability, zero-carbon, and SDGs.

Our Team

Megumi Ito
(London, United Kingdom)

In charge of business development in IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab. Attained a master’s degree in urban sociology at Hitotsubashi University. After researching public spaces in Asian global cities, especially in Singapore, she worked for a company specializing in commercial interior design. Certified facility manager and CSR leader. Currently working on various projects which accelerate sustainable transformation of Japanese companies.

Erika Tomiyama
(Paris, France)

Deputy editor of IDEAS FOR GOOD. Studied behavioral economics at university, and worked for a Japanese real estate company in Hanoi, Vietnam for two years. While interviewing social enterprises in Japan and overseas, she planned “well-being” tours in Hanoi as the person-in-charge of “Experience for Good”. Has experience of living in the Philippines, and has traveled to more than 20 countries around the world.

Kozue Nishizaki
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Lived in Australia from high school, and majored in tourism management at the University of Canberra. After graduating, she supported the business of both Japanese and foreign companies as a marketing, PR and CSR consultant. After moving to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in January 2020, she has engaged in conducting interviews, collecting information, business matchmaking, holding training programs for companies, etc. specializing in the circular economy.

Ryoko Kruger
(Heidelberg, Germany)

She studied engineering and was in charge of road design as a civil engineer in Japan. She then moved on to study Spanish in Mexico and worked as a Japanese-Spanish interpreter in the automobile industry. Currently, she is active as an official guide for the city of Heidelberg in addition to writing and editing articles. Editorial staff member of the Circular Economy Hub.

Yukari Fujiwara
(Vienna, Austria)

Majored in war studies and international relations at a graduate school in the UK. Freelance writer living in Vienna. Has been involved in writing and researching EU policy and regulation, economics, industry, politics and environmental recycling. She loves travelling, oil painting, calligraphy, dogs, and wine.

Masato Sezawa
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Lives and works in the Netherlands. Formerly worked in overseas sales for a Japanese manufacturer. Studied abroad in Folkehøjskole and worked for an NGO in Denmark. His video coverage of local refugee issues led him to his current position, where he is mainly in charge of planning and production of video content. Completed the summer course Circular City at the University of Amsterdam.


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Harch Europe’s “Sustainable City Guidebook” is now on sale!

  • On 2023年4月3日
Harch Europe, a business organization run by Harch members residing in Europe, has started selling the Sustainable City Guidebook, which introduces attractive sustainable spots in Amsterdam, London, and Paris. As it has become easier to travel abroad in recent years, many people may be considering business trips or trips to Europe. If you are visiting […]
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Harch Europe held online event “London Design Festival and Dutch Design Week Participation Briefing Session”

  • On 2023年1月5日
On December 19th Harch Europe, a business organization run by Harch members residing in Europe, held the online event “Learning from England and Holland, The Current State of Circular and Social Design: London Design Festival and Dutch Design Week Participation Report Session.” Efforts for the circular economy are proceeding in every area of the world, […]
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