Yu Kato
Founder and CEO

Responsible for changing 0s to 1s. Likes reading books, and sometimes travels. Loves coming across new ideas. Passionate about writing.

Takahiro Amano
Company Director

Working to change 1s to 10s. An enthusiastic learner. On days off, is involved at an educational NPO, and enjoys walks by the river.

Aya Takenaka

Worked in apparel, and as the editor for a women’s magazine, but then made the shift from paper to online. Mainly responsible for MINPAKU.Biz.

Erika Tomiyama

Worked in Hanoi, Vietnam after graduating. Loves writing and taking photos. Her motto is “At any time, right now is the most enjoyable.”

Keisuke Kikuchi
Company Director

In charge of advertisement management for all media, seminar planning, sales, and general project management.

Tomoyo Matsuda

Worked in a publisher. Raised her kids in the U.S. for 1 year, and hope to produce the contents which are helpful for foreigners.

Nagisa Mizuno
Writer, PR

Used her foreign language skills for international negotiations as a government official in the security field. Harch’s writer and new business developer.

Shiho Miyagi
Writer, Editor

Was involved in regional revitalization in college. A former SE. Always follows her curiosity. In charge of IDEAS FOR GOOD.

Yuka Kihara
Writer, Editor

Strives to lighten up others’ hearts. A writer/editor who likes to collect fine ideas that amaze people.

Motoyasu Kato

More than 8 years of SEM management. He’s helped 200 companies with the web strategy execution. Oversees Harch’s all digital marketing.

Norikazu Akiyama

When he was a student, his game-related blog got 9 million page views every month. Edits and designs all related media.

Aya Mishina

Worked as an elementary teacher in US for 5 years. She’s been a foreign student advisor at a Japanese university. Mother of one.

Chiaki Sugiyama
Back office

Worked at a web marketing corporation, as a social insurance and labor consultant. She in charge of back office and web marketing.

Roger Ong

Believes in the good in people, and in choosing love over fear. Dreams of creating a better world for children everywhere, and his own.

Kimika Tonuma

In charge of editing IDEAS FOR GOOD. A creator fluent in 4 different languages, and a passion for adventures in unknown places.

Masataka Sado

Former job was a virus analysis for a major foreign security company. In charge of all media development and system management.

Asako Yamamoto

Worked at a pharmaceutical company. Has lived in N.Y. Fell in love with its lively people, which motivated her to improve her English.

Kanako Kimoto
Back office

10 years of work experience at an accounting firm. Currently works at another accounting firm on the side. Loves to travel overseas.

Asahi Shizume

Experienced translator and writer of a wide range of topics, from the hobby field to finance and economy. Mainly in charge of English Hub.

Masayuki Kobayashi

Spent 10 years on the west coast, now 15 years in Tokyo. Hopes to pass on joy, empathy, beauty etc. to many people.

Momoko Takita
Writer, Editor

Engaged in several internships and non-profit organizations as a student. Passionate to create a circular society.

Midori Wada

Former curriculum developer, she is passionate about language education. MA in TESOL. Ukulele & gardening lover. Mother of two.

Megumi Ito

Majored in urban sociology, and worked for a comapny specialised in comercial office interior design.Loves wondering and wandering.