Life Hugger

Sustainable Lifestyle Magazine

WHY:Make every day more fun and sustainable

Today is the only day in our life. However, we spend every day keeping busy working or doing housework. How can we make our every day more mindful and sustainable? Instead of hacking our lives to seek more efficiency, how about hugging our lives to seek more happiness? That is why we launched Life Hugger that support a better lifestyle for both people and the planet.

HOW: Hub spot for better options.

It is not always easy for us consumers to know what truly sustainable options are, how to distinguish them, and where to get them. Life Hugger supports your better choice by collecting a wide variety of products and services that make your every day more mindful and sustainable in one place.

WHAT:What is Life Hugger

Life hugger is an online magazine for conscious consumers who want to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. It covers a lot of tips and ideas to make our daily life more sustainable in various fields such as food, fashion, housing, wellness, childcare, and zero waste.

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