Interested in Becoming Part of Our Team?


At Harch, we are always on the lookout for someone who can work together to help expand our business further. If you are at all interested in joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please let us share some info about Harch, so that you are more aware of who we are and what we do. If you think that you’d be a good fit here, we’d love to hear from you.


Why do we do?

We want to help improve society by making use of the power of the internet and online content.

Founded in December 2015, Harch Inc. was set up with the idea of helping to improve society by making use of the power of the internet and online content. With the motto “Content Marketing for Good,” we strive every day to provide a wide range of first-rate online content for our media channels.

Our goal is to, through the content we provide, make at least some positive change for people’s lives. We want to motivate people to do new things, and recognize amazing achievements in the world that they haven’t seen before. We hope that through engaging with our content, that people’s futures start moving in an upwards direction, and as a result, society becomes a better place. This is the kind of media we aim to create.


What do we do?

We operate our own media in various different fields.

Harch currently offers online media and services in multiple fields. We choose what fields we specialize in by looking at the social significance of covering that theme, the long-term profitability for the company, and also importantly, whether members of our team have interest and experience in that sphere.


How do we do it?

Collaboration creates innovation.

At Harch, we work with many partner companies to develop business projects in collaboration. Our in-house staff primarily specialize in content writing, editing, online marketing work, and planning and development of new business projects, meanwhile things like system development are taken care by partner companies with a high level of technological skills. By concentrating on our field of expertise, what sets us apart is that even with a small team we can focus on high levels of extremely profitable business development. Currently, we are mostly working with the medium of text content, although we plan to move into online video media and VR in the near future.

Social Good

We gather all the latest news and examples of Social Good technology, design, and marketing from around the world and publish it in one place on our IDEAS FOR GOOD site.

Sharing Economy

We operate two different sites that focus on the field of sharing economy. Firstly, Minpaku.biz, Japan’s top “minpaku” private lodging accommodation information site, focusing on the most notable sharing economy industry, private lodging accommodation. The other site is KAJIFULL, which is dedicated to housework sharing services, helping all people in society focus on their careers.


We run two sites in this field, both with the concept of “a more enjoyable future”; English Hub a learning support media site which we hope expands the possibilities for people’s careers and life, and finance media site for beginners, HEDGE GUIDE.


We run the craft beer news and info site My Craft Beer with the concept of “connecting people and increasing happiness.”


What kind of people are on our team?

Web media management professionals.

At Harch, everyone uses their individual strong points to pull together for the team. The CEO, Yu Kato established Harch after launching two start-up companies and prior to that working at Recruit Agent Co. Ltd. (now Recruit Career). The other founding members are online marketing professionals, some who have experience managing SEM accounts with advertising budgets of over 20 million yen monthly, web media managers who have handled over 10 million yen monthly profits through only SEO, people who have run blogs with over 9 million page views a month, and people whose exceptional writing skills attract large readerships. For that reason, even those who are involved in web media for the first time can quickly acquire advanced knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, since all the team members are warm-hearted, the office always has a peaceful atmosphere and you can relax and concentrate on your work.


Where are we based?

In a renovated office in Nihonbashi, an area in the midst of huge redevelopment.

The Harch office is located in Nihonbashi, a hot area of the city that is currently being redeveloped as part of the drive towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The location is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from 5 different stations, Ningyocho on the Hibiya and Asakusa Lines, Kodenmacho on the Hibiya Line, Bakuroyokoyama on the Shinjuku Line, Bakuromachi on the Sobu Line, and Higashi Nihonbashi on the Asakusa Line. The building is a fashionable renovated property that only opened a couple of years ago in November 2016, where many creative-minded start-ups have their offices. There is a nice restaurant on the first floor and a rooftop garden on the roof, so it’s the kind of building that you would be happy going to every day.

The office is designed in various ways with the aim of helping the team work comfortably. We utilize the hot-desking system to help natural communication, and we have a café table space where you can work and eat at the same time, whilst relaxing on the artificial grass. In addition, we offer a high-spec computer, tech and VR space for deepened content creation.

Furthermore, Ningyocho, a really nice and traditional area of Nihonbashi is just short walk from the office, and boasts countless great places to have lunch or grab a bite to eat on the way home. We often have lunch together or a few of us go out after work, and all members of the team are always welcome to join.

On top of all this, we also have members of our team who aren’t physically in the office working remotely, even from overseas. We are promoting the creation of an organization that respects individual lifestyles and work styles as much as possible, such as remote work, working from home, and balancing Harch work whilst working at other companies, so please do not hesitate to tell us about your preferences if you are interested in joining us.

What you can get from working at Harch.

Advanced knowledge and skills in online marketing and media management.

Harch offers careful guidance to every member of our team, from experienced online marketing experts to new recruits still learning the ropes. We share our knowledge with even those who are less experiences with web media and management in a wide range of fields including advanced SEO, SEM, LPO, website management using CMS as well as writing and editing articles.

Learning opportunities for improving your skills.

At Harch, as a company, we offer our full support to each and every member of the team with career development and self-actualization opportunities. Actually, a year after establishing the company all of our members went to the Philippines for two months working remotely whilst learning English and developing their web media skills. We do not hold back when there is an opportunity for us to help every member open up possibilities in their future careers, investing in learning for all the team, whether it’s in language studies or programming or whatever.

Striving to start new projects in new fields, with speed and enjoyment.

Currently, the “minpaku” private lodging area that we’ve been working in at Harch is a rapidly developing market in Japan, as sharing economies are sweeping the world and growing immensely on a daily basis. Various players in the field, from small start-ups focusing solely on the minpaku industry to large companies starting to enter the market, sometimes working in collaboration, sometimes competing against each other, are creating a business sphere that is something truly exciting. The Japanese residential market is also in the spotlight from overseas real estate investors and we are planning a genuinely large further expansion of our services overseas in the future so there is the likelihood that we will be offering some even more challenging and interesting roles in the future.

Why don’t you join us?

For those who have even just a little interest in what we do, please feel free to contact us. It’s no problem for us to start with a casual open discussion just to get to know each other. We are here to talk to anyone who has an interest in working together to help improve society.