Thank you for your interest in working with us. At Harch, we are always on the lookout for someone who we can work with to help further expand our business. If you are at all interested in joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why do we do it?

Content Marketing for Good - Everyone can contribute to society through pursuing their passion

Founded in December 2015, Harch Inc. was set up with the idea of helping to improve society by making use of the power of the internet and online content.

With the motto “Content Marketing for Good,” we strive every day to improve society leveraging the power of creative content and marketing delivered directly through our media channels. This is our mission.

In providing such content, our goal is to promote positive change in people’s lives. We want to motivate people to do new things and recognize amazing achievements in the world that they haven’t seen before. We hope that through engaging with our content, people can take control of their future and start moving in an upwards direction, and as a result, they can create a better society. This is the kind of media we aim to create.

Although content marketing is the primary means through which we aim to contribute to society, our motto is intentionally broad. We define “Content Marketing” to include any topic which promotes social good. At Harch, each member of staff is encouraged to pursue their own passions and perspectives in a collaborative effort to build a better society for all. There are a wide variety of positions at Harch, including writers, editors, designers, engineers, sales representatives, and clerical workers. We believe that when all of our team are empowered to apply their talents toward projects they love, they find their work a source of personal fulfillment. We hope that each person’s happiness fosters positive growth in their coworkers, in the Harch community, and, ultimately, in society at large.


What do we do?

Our Business

We operate our own brand of media in various different fields.

Harch currently offers online media and services in multiple fields. We choose what areas we specialize in by looking at the social significance of covering that theme, the long-term profitability for the company, and also importantly, whether members of our team have interest and experience in that sphere.

What you gain from working at Harch

We actively provide our employees with opportunities to learn and try new things.

Through a wide variety of company training initiatives, employees can learn content and web marketing skills and also develop expertise according to their individual needs, such as sharpening existing skills or pursuing long-term career goals. At the same time, Harch promotes a working environment where employees seeking a challenge are proactively encouraged to try new things, bringing new experiences every day.


How do we do it?

The three Ps to grow sustainably as a person, and as a company

There are three main things that Harch values in all of our corporate operations: “people,” “planet,” and “prosperity.” We believe that the workplace is simply a frame supporting our collective talent, our most valuable resource and, therefore, our primary focus. We also believe that the media assets Harch produces are nothing without the people who create them. That is why our company embraces the importance of giving each employee opportunities to grow by doing the work they truly enjoy in their own unique way.

To support the planet and tackle the increasing climate crisis, we strive for carbon neutrality in all our media operations. In addition to adopting everyday energy-saving policies, we offset carbon emissions used for our business trips, make our office greener with live plants, and implement frequent zero-waste projects. Lastly, by concentrating on our field of expertise – web content production and web marketing – we focus on maximizing profitable business development.


What kind of people are on our team?

A diverse team

Our team consists of an enthusiastic group of people with diverse backgrounds. The CEO, Yu Kato, has a background in human resources. Three of our executives are from the finance, IT, and advertising industries. Our other employees also have work experiences in a wide variety of fields, such as manufacturing, publishing, finance, university administration, government, real estate, and education. More than half of the employees have lived and/or studied abroad. Harch employs both recent college graduates and tenured professionals, recruiting employees regardless of nationality. We want a wide variety of diverse talent.

Creating positive change in society

Harch employees share a common value – they all hope to “create positive change in people and society” through their work. Our goal is to inspire people to take control of their future and start moving in a positive direction. As a result, we can all contribute to a better society. We believe those that agree with this thinking would fit right in at Harch.

Web media management professionals

Balancing both humanity and profitability is one of our challenges. However, at Harch, there are many talented employees who are excellent at marketing and creating profitable content. Each of our media platforms has been recognized as a leader among its category. Behind the scenes, our web media tactics provide strong duplicability, which has been built from our past experience and expertise in the field. Many of our team members are armed with outstanding skills, from writing to marketing. For that reason, even those who are involved in web media for the first time can quickly acquire advanced knowledge and skills through mentorship.

Furthermore, since all the team members are warm-hearted, the office always has a peaceful atmosphere helping you relax and concentrate on your work.


Where are we based?

In a renovated office in Nihonbashi, an area in the midst of huge redevelopment.

The Harch office is located in Nihonbashi, a hot area of the city that is currently being redeveloped as part of the drive towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The location is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from 5 different stations, Ningyocho on the Hibiya and Asakusa Lines, Kodenmacho on the Hibiya Line, Bakuroyokoyama on the Shinjuku Line, Bakuromachi on the Sobu Line, and Higashi Nihonbashi on the Asakusa Line. The building is a fashionable renovated property that opened in November 2016, where many creative-minded start-ups have their offices. There is a nice restaurant on the first floor and a rooftop garden on the roof, so it’s the kind of building that you would be happy going to every day.

The office is designed in various ways with the aim of helping the team work comfortably. We utilize the hot-desking system to help natural communication, and we have a cafe table space where you can work and eat at the same time, whilst relaxing on the artificial grass. In addition, we offer a high-spec computer, tech and VR space for deepened content creation.

Furthermore, Ningyocho, a really nice and traditional area of Nihonbashi is just short walk from the office, and boasts countless great places to have lunch or grab a bite to eat on the way home. We often have lunch together or a few of us go out after work, and all members of the team are always welcome to join.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We seek a wide variety of diverse talent. In the recruitment process, we respect diversity and human rights and do not discriminate based on gender, age, race, creed, religion, nationality, place of birth, marital status, etc. In addition, we are working on various initiatives, such as promoting unique internal systems and flexible work styles so that all the members of our company can find a place to thrive in our team and society with their individuality (read more about diversity).


For those who have even just a little interest in what we do, please feel free to contact us. It’s no problem for us to start with a casual open discussion just to get to know each other. We are here to talk to anyone who has an interest in working together to help improve society.