Well-being Management

Our greatest strength is our employees. There is no other strength greater than our people. Our company’s goal is to prosper together with all business partners, readers of our media, and the society and environment around us. To achieve this goal, we bring together a diverse group of employees, ensuring that all of them stay healthy and safe both physically and mentally, and each of them is able to fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities.

Initiatives for Well-being Management

Working Style and Working Place

  • Full remote work available
  • Shorter working hours to suit individual lifestyles
  • Efforts to reduce overtime work
  • Incorporating indoor office plants
  • Having an office break room

Physical Health

  • Regular health checkups (100% done)
  • Medical checkups for female-specific cancer (fully subsidized)
  • Zero smokers
  • Subsidized gym memberships

Mental Health

  • Provide employee satisfaction surveys
  • Establishment of an external consultation service

Countermeasures Against Infectious Diseases

  • Subsidized influenza vaccinations (employees and their children)
  • Prevention of COVID-19