Stakeholder Engagement

Publishing a better future with stakeholders

Harch Inc. is supported by many stakeholders, such as readers of our media, users of our services, partners, clients, affiliated companies and organizations, and employees. Our goal is to realize “a better future” for all the people who are involved with us in various ways together. Therefore, we implement the following actions.

Dialogue with experts

We conduct dialogue with experts in closely related fields to our business. The purpose is to learn the issues in the field and expectations for the media and Harch Inc. and utilize them in future management decisions. In fiscal 2021, we conducted nine dialogues on themes such as sustainability in general, zero waste, English education, and biodiversity.

Stakeholder Meeting for Good

Once a year, we hold a dialogue event to discuss issues and ideas to realize our mission, “Publishing a better future,” with closely related stakeholders. We held it for the first time in fiscal 2021 with the participation of 60 stakeholders.
[Reference Site] Reports on Past Stakeholder Meetings

Feedback from partners and interviews with them

We have more than 100 partners, including writers of our media, who help our business in various ways. We conduct satisfaction surveys and interviews twice a year so that our partners can realize a better future through their work with us. We aim to build a better relationship by asking about requests, issues, and what they want to do in the future, which are difficult to pick up in daily communication.

Social gathering with partners

To deepen friendships with our partners, we hold a social gathering with partners of all media once a year. We share the direction of the entire Harch Inc. and each of our businesses with our partners. At the event, we ensure to ask partners to share their requests or daily problems, if any. Usually, partners mainly interact with the editor in charge, but horizontal connections with other editors and partners are also created here.

Feedback from employees and interviews with them

We conduct employee satisfaction surveys twice a year and one-on-one interviews with executives every other month. In addition to learning the needs and issues that they feel daily, we aim to create together opportunities of growth to realize what they really want to accomplish through their work. Through such systems, we strive to create a positive environment where each employee can achieve their full potential in their own way, even while centered around remote work.