Circular Yokohama

Circular Yokohama – Representative Kato participates in online event “#Otagai Hama Discussion: Yokohama’s circular future born from evolution thinking”

  • On 2021年6月18日
Evolution thinking is a way of thought for demonstrating the creativity within all of us, which hints at the evolution of living things. This thinking gives birth to creative ideas through the two processes of mutation and adaptation going back and forth several times. These processes are common in the evolution of all living things. […]
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“Circular Yokohama” receives standard qualification from Yokohama SDGs certification system Y-SDGs

  • On 2021年4月22日
Harch, which runs Circular Yokohama, has received standard rank certification as a second time certified business of the Yokohama City SDGs Certification System Y-SDGs. Circular Yokohama is a media site dedicated to accelerating circular economies within the city. The Y-SDGs are a certification system which aims for the transition to sustainable management and operations of […]
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Circular Yokohama – An article about Circular Economy Plus School’s events published in February edition of Hamakaze Shimbun

  • On 2021年3月16日
The February local editions of the Hamakaze Shimbun for Yokohama’s Naka and Nishi Wards published an article with event information for Circular Economy Plus School. This edition of the newspaper was published on February 19th, 2021. The Hamakaze Shimbun was founded in 1977 and is a local community newspaper in Kanagawa Prefecture for Yokohama, Yokosuka […]
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Circular Yokohama – Harch CEO Yu Kato participating in “Course for Writers Connecting People and Cities (Beginner) Yokohama Keizai Shimbun Media College Volume 1” as an Instructor

  • On 2021年2月18日
The news site Yokohama Keizai Shimbun (Economic Newspaper), which is run by Yokohama Community Design Lab, will be holding a writer development course called “Course for Writers Connecting People and Cities (Beginner) Yokohama Keizai Shimbun Media College Volume 1” for a total of 6 sessions from February 9th to March 23rd. Representative Kato will participate […]
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