IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab

New editing staff organization for Harch operated media

  • On 2021年8月6日
Harch Co.,Ltd. will be starting its 7th year from July 2021. We are changing our editing staff organization as follows for parts of Harch operated media. ● Circular Yokohama: New Editor in Chief (Head of Operations) Momoko Takita ● English Hub: New Co-Editors in Chief Asahi Shizume Asako Yamamoto ●IDEAS FOR GOOD: New Editor in […]
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IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab starts offering “Circular Design Sprint”intensive workshop aimed at businesses for learning Circular Design thought

  • On 2021年5月10日
Harch has begun offering an intensive workshop called Circular Design Sprint, which is aimed at businesses in order for them to learn circular economy thought, which is essential for the shift to a circular economy. The workshops have begun from April 2021. Harch (based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Yu Kato) runs IDEAS FOR GOOD […]
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