IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab starts offering “Circular Design Sprint”intensive workshop aimed at businesses for learning Circular Design thought

  • On 2021年5月10日
Harch has begun offering an intensive workshop called Circular Design Sprint, which is aimed at businesses in order for them to learn circular economy thought, which is essential for the shift to a circular economy. The workshops have begun from April 2021. Harch (based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Yu Kato) runs IDEAS FOR GOOD […]
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[Circular Economy Hub] Circular X online study program started April 27th with 12 sessions in total. Program searches for the future image of circular economies

  • On 2021年4月30日
Circular Economy Hub is holding a monthly series called Circular X from April 27th, 2021. The study program will help users learn about the future image of circular economies, which are spreading in every industry and region. Circular X program purpose and background 2020 could be called the first year of circular economies in Japan, […]
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“Circular Yokohama” receives standard qualification from Yokohama SDGs certification system Y-SDGs

  • On 2021年4月22日
Harch, which runs Circular Yokohama, has received standard rank certification as a second time certified business of the Yokohama City SDGs Certification System Y-SDGs. Circular Yokohama is a media site dedicated to accelerating circular economies within the city. The Y-SDGs are a certification system which aims for the transition to sustainable management and operations of […]
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Circular Economy Hub: Launch of “Circular Economy Hub” Paid Membership Service, a Circular Economy Specialized Platform for Accelerating Business for a Carbon-Free Society

  • On 2021年4月20日
Harch launched a new service on April 1st, 2021 on its “Circular Economy Hub,” a specialized platform focused on circular economies. The aim of the service is to promote business models where the economy and the circulation of natural resources can coexist as well as match organizations involved in related work. *Circular Economy refers to […]
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[IDEAS FOR GOOD] CEO Yu Kato made an appearance in “’The future of prosperous cities’ as thought of through Doughnut Economics”

  • On 2021年4月7日
The SCI-Japan webinar series C, “Thinking of the Well-Being of Regions and Citizens” is held by the general incorporated association Smart City Institute. Harch CEO Yu Kato made an appearance in the March 25th installment, titled “’The future of prosperous cities’ as thought through Doughnut Economics.” During the webinar, Kato along with other participants deepened […]
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Opening of IDEAS FOR GOOD X Mitsubishi Estate Collaboration Exhibit Project “IDEAS FOR GOOD Museum in MEC”

  • On 2021年4月1日
Harch Inc., which runs IDEAS FOR GOOD, is collaborating with Mitsubishi Estate Company CO., LTD. (Tokyo Prefecture Chiyoda City, President and CEO: Junichi Yoshida) on a new exhibition corner which utilizes office space. IDEAS FOR GOOD is a magazine with ideas from around the world for creative solutions to solve societal problems. Project Background Climate […]
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Circular Yokohama – An article about Circular Economy Plus School’s events published in February edition of Hamakaze Shimbun

  • On 2021年3月16日
The February local editions of the Hamakaze Shimbun for Yokohama’s Naka and Nishi Wards published an article with event information for Circular Economy Plus School. This edition of the newspaper was published on February 19th, 2021. The Hamakaze Shimbun was founded in 1977 and is a local community newspaper in Kanagawa Prefecture for Yokohama, Yokosuka […]
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IDEAS FOR GOOD – Erika Tomiyama of the IDEAS FOR GOOD Editorial Department will appear at March 20th Online Event “Journalism X 2021 – Breaking Journalism Barriers during the Coronavirus Pandemic”

  • On 2021年3月9日
Erika Tomiyama, who works at the editorial department for IDEAS FOR GOOD, will appear at the online event “Journalism X 2021 – Breaking Journalism Barriers during the Coronavirus Pandemic.” The event will be held on March 20th along with the start of public recruitment for the Second Journalism X Awards. The Journalism X Awards is […]
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