English Hub

Helping people find the best way to learn English

WHY:Learning English as a key to a sustainable world.

English is the language that ranks at number 1 in the Power Language Index. 1.75 billion people currently speak English, and 25% of information on the internet is also published in English. (Only 2.9% is in Japanese).

We can understand the value of learning English by just looking at these figures. However, mastering English is something more valuable. English is the key to open the door to new values, cultures, and people you have never met.

Using the key, you can take your first steps into a whole new world. When the door is open, you will realize that although the world is a big place,  it is also a surprisingly small place too at the same time.

Furthermore, the better you get to know about the world, the more you get serious about the global challenges we are facing now. In that sense, learning English and making friends around the world is one of the best ways to become conscious of global sustainability.

HOW:The place to find the best learning method.

When starting to learn English, a lot of people get stuck at a big hurdle. This is not because they don’t have any good options to study English, but they can’t choose the suitable method because there are too many ones to choose from.

The world is already overflowing with publications and tools on how to learn English, and there are many sincerely well-made and valuable materials out there. The problem isn’t that there aren’t any excellent ways of studying. It’s that we don’t know which method is best suited to each of us.

Your purpose to study English, your target level of English proficiency, your current level of English proficiency, how much time you can use to close the gap between your current level and target level, how much money it’s going to cost… all of those are different from person to person.

For this reason, we wanted to create a place where you can discover the best learning method for yourself and cut down the amount of time and effort it takes to find one. From that thought, English Hub was born.


English Hub is a portal site dedicated to supporting everyone who wants to study English. We have collected all methods of learning English – from language schools, online learning services, studying abroad, apps, books, to private circles, cafes, intensive learning camps – and have put them in one place together.

In addition, to support people to master English more efficiently, we introduce methods and ways to study English based on scientific expertise in second language acquisition. And for those who want to take the first steps into learning immediately, we publish up-to-date info on promotions and seminars throughout the year.