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Carefully selecting the most useful ways to study English you would want to share with someone

WHY:To help everyone enjoy the world more.

The language that ranks at number 1 in the Power Language Index is English.1.75 billion people currently speak the language, and 25% of information on the internet is in English. (Only 2.9% is in Japanese).

We can appreciate the value of studying English by just looking at these figures. However, by studying English you don’t just get a proficiency of English. When getting the feeling of being able to understand English for the first time, you get the keys to a new sense of values and culture.

Using the key to open the door, you can take your first steps into a new world. When this door is open, you realize that although the world is a big place, at the same time it is also a surprisingly small place too. Furthermore, getting a sense of being closer to the world also helps you to enjoy it more.

We want to enjoy the world more. The reason to study English is as simple as that. When thinking about the long history of the earth, we experience “now” with only 7 billion people globally. For this reason, we should try to share as much of the joy and also sadness of this world with as many people as we can. We, as humans, should believe in ourselves, and get as much out of living in this world as possible.

HOW:The place to find the best learning method for you.

When starting to study English, a lot of people get stuck at a big hurdle. This is not that they don’t have any means to study English so they can’t choose the right method, but it is that there are too many methods to choose from.

The world is already overflowing with publications and tools on how to study English, and there are a lot of sincerely well-made and valuable materials out there. The problem isn’t that there aren’t any excellent ways of studying, it’s that we don’t know which method is best suited to each of us.

Your purpose to study English, your target level of English proficiency, your current level of English proficiency, the length of time you have to close the gap between your current level and target level, how much time you need to put in, how much money it’s going to cost… all of this is different from person to person. For this reason, and all of the important factors listed above, we choose the best way to study for you from the vast amount of different means out there.

We wanted to create a place where you can discover the best learning method for you, and to cut down the amount of time and effort it takes to find one. From that thought, English Hub was born.


English Hub is a portal site dedicated to supporting everyone who wants to study English. We have collected all methods of learning English – from English conversation schools, online English conversation lessons, studying abroad, apps, books, to English conversation circles, English conversation cafes, and English conversation intensive camps – and have put them together and gone through each one explaining the features and benefits.

We have a lot of exhaustive information carefully arranged for anyone to easily compare and contrast different ways of studying. Some of these include coverage from the inside of well-known English conversation schools, customer reviews from people that have studied at these schools, in-depth real insider info about studying abroad with detailed experiences of it, and a lot more.

In addition, to support people to study English efficiently further, we introduce methods and ways to study English based on second language learning scientific expertise. And for those who want to immediately take the first steps into learning, we publish up-to-date info on promotions and seminars throughout the year.

The design of the site was made with the aim of encouraging learners, and to give the sense of “enjoyment” that is center to our concept.