What you gain from working at Harch

Why we work at Harch

The ability to build relationships through meaningful work

At Harch, we operate media only in the fields that we believe are meaningful to pursue. The relationships we build with our customers, business partners, and readers through the operation become life-long assets. Because the employees very often contact and connect with external people who share a similar purpose or vision, relationships they build while working at Harch are not merely as stakeholders but as co-creators?and these connections only grow.

Learning opportunities for skill improvement

Harch fully understands and supports each employee’s career goals and desire for self-realization. The company introduced remote work in the first year it was established. All startup members stayed in the Philippines for two months to study English while they developed web media. Without hesitation, Harch invests in education for each employee to pursue their future career goals by offering financial support for foreign language and programming studies, among other options.

Access to advanced knowledge and skills in web media operation

Through one-on-one mentorships, highly experienced staff members share their expertise with web media and marketing to thoroughly train newcomers who may be inexperienced in the field. If this is your first time in web media operation, do not worry. We provide broad expertise and technical know-how in a variety of skills, from writing and editing to CMS site operation, advanced SEO, SEM, and LPO.

Corporate trainings at Harch

Basic Training: Learn cutting-edge web marketing skills

Basic Training is mandatory and implemented to all newcomers at Harch. This can be customized for those who are new to web marketing, allowing them to start with a strong fundamental understanding before proceeding to more specialized skills. Training offered includes:

  • Content marketing

    Learn how to logically create content and how to best communicate it to users

  • Web marketing

    Learn how to create media content that generates revenue

  • Access analysis

    Learn how to effectively manage websites and follow an effective PDCA cycle

Expertise Training: Expand your skill set

Expertise Training customized for each employee’s needs, such as acquired skills and career goals, are provided. The examples of trainings that have been offered are: English news translation and news writing, english study, acelerated editing, HTML & CSS tagging, programming practicum, illustration, and rivalry analysis.

On-the-job Training: Learn through practical experience

On-the-job Training are provided to impart skills necessary through real work situations. The trainings offered include Japanese interview tour, international interview tour, editorial feedback, writing effective article headlines, corporate database design, access analysis and strategic planning for each medium, and meet-up planning and operation.

Life Skills Training: Support for individual development

Life Skills Training aims to support employees’ skill development in order to promote personal fulfillment. There are several offerings for employee self-enhancement:

  • Basic finance

    Learn to refine literacy in finance and investment

  • Negotiation skills

    Learn to resolve issues with others

  • Vocational aptitude

    Learn to better understand personal strengths and professional preferences

  • Entrepreneurship

    Learn to turn ideas into businesses