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WHY:A sustainable traveling experience realized by a sharing economy.

In 2016 3.6 billion passengers flew on commercial flights worldwide, a jump of 2 billion compared to 2000*. This increase is due to things like economic globalization, economic growth in BRICS nations, and an increase in airline routes, and the momentum is not likely to plateau.

If people are travelling, they must be leaving an empty house somewhere, and then they will need a new place to stay. The number of necessary places to stay increases as the number of people travelling increases, and with essentially two “homes” needed at the same time, we will need a lot more places to stay in than the actual number of people living on the planet.

The “minpaku” apartment sharing economy is a simple idea to solve such a problem, implementing a more sustainable plan for travel and accommodation ? when you are not using your apartment, rent it out to someone else; and when you need a place to stay, rent someone else’s. In this way, by lending and borrowing places, vacant rooms are used, and even if the number of people travelling increases, the accommodation problem can be solved.

Given that building just one hotel and then managing it requires huge resources, the “minpaku” idea is an essential way to implement a sustainable system of development that supports both the world economy and tourism industry, as no new resources are needed, the place is already there and useable.

Because of this, here at Harch, we wanted to spread the word about the idea of the “minpaku” system, the sharing economy where you rent a vacant home for a short time, as wide as possible.

*: According to The World Bank Data’s “Air transport, passengers carried”

HOW: A place to connect people who want to start “minpaku” private lodging with people who can help.

In Japan, the idea of the “minpaku” sharing economy, this new travel experience has only started to catch on. In June 2017, the Private Lodging Business Act was introduced, lifting a ban on genuine minpaku private lodging all over the country.

What is necessary to promote the minpaku system as a new way of travel and accommodation? Well first, you need a place where you can get all the correct knowledge and information about the system. We felt that there was a need for such a place where you could be connected with others who can help. That’s how MINPAKU.BIZ was born.


MINPAKU.BIZ is a portal media site that summarizes everything about private lodging, from the latest information about the minpaku industry and up-to-date regulations, to a support service and a global agency platform.

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