Investing in a better future.

WHY: We are all changemakers.

To understand how the world works, you need to know about finance. However, the integration of finance with advanced technologies is making unprecedented changes to the financial industry right now. New technologies such as blockchain and crypto technologies have overturned the existing widely accepted financial system and are trying to change the current notions of economy and state.

Changing the financial system also means changing the whole system of our society. In this vast transformation, what becomes essential is who and how to decide the direction we want to go. Learning about finance and joining the financial market as an investor means you can be a part of changemakers who choose the path of our future we want.

HOW: Giving a chance to invest in a better future.

All people think carefully about the future they want, then invest in people or corporations that will make it happen.

However, there are many technical terms in the finance and investment world, and currently, there is a lot of information that is difficult for beginners to understand. Moreover, if they are serious about learning, they need to cover a lot of ground in the field, and with such regular steep changes, it is not easy to keep up with everything.

Therefore, we decided to make a media channel that delivers the latest information regarding finance and investment for beginners and encourages them to take the first steps.

What:What is HEDGE GUIDE?

With the concept of “Investing in a better future,” Hedge Guide is an online media covering the latest information and know-how guide in the fields of ESG investment, fintech such as blockchain and AI, and other investment options including donations.

Just because you seem to have zero interest in investment doesn’t actually mean that your life has no relation to investment. We are all investors in practice. For example, by simply depositing money into your ordinary bank account, you are already making a choice as an investor. Holding all your assets in Japanese Yen and choosing to manage all of them at a low interest rate is one of the investment decisions. If that is your intention as an investor, and it works well for you, then fine. If not, there might be other better options for you.

No matter what, your life is never wholly unrelated to the world of investment, and we want to help you invest your money towards a future that you wish for. HEDGE GUIDE is here to help you make the first step towards doing so.