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Circular Economy Hub holds 5th session of online study program Circular X, “Circular Economy and Fashion”

  • On 2021年8月19日
Circular Economy Hub has been holding a monthly series called Circular X since April 27th, 2021. 5th session topic “Circular Economy and Fashion” The fashion industry has a high environmental burden and holds the key to promoting the circular economy. In recent years, there have been more active efforts for circular fashion, so that environmental […]
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[Circular Economy Hub] Circular X online study program started April 27th with 12 sessions in total. Program searches for the future image of circular economies

  • On 2021年4月30日
Circular Economy Hub is holding a monthly series called Circular X from April 27th, 2021. The study program will help users learn about the future image of circular economies, which are spreading in every industry and region. Circular X program purpose and background 2020 could be called the first year of circular economies in Japan, […]
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